Online Radio «ethno/folklore» - 76 stations. Radio stations the main genre of which is ethno/folklore.

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Online Radio «ethno/folklore»
76 stations
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Kyrgyzstan Obondoru

Kyrgyz national songs, folk music, news of Kyrgyzstan.
Radio «Kyrgyzstan Obondoru» is broadcasting in Kyrgyz from Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek.
Listened: 189 502 since 31.07.2013 | ~ 1 120 a week.

Radio NS – KZ
pop, ethno/folklore

Kazakh folk music and music of the Kazakhstan artists.
«Radio NS – KZ» is broadcasting in Kazakh from Kazakhstan, Almaty.
Listened: 57 472 since 24.04.2014 | ~ 439 a week.

Dusha Kavkaza
retro, chanson, ethno/folklore

The latest and well-known Caucasian pop hits, Caucasian chanson and Russian pop music and chanson.
Radio «Dusha Kavkaza» is broadcasting in Russian from Israel, Tel Aviv.
Listened: 98 941 since 10.04.2011 | ~ 342 a week.


Kazakh music, information and analysis, literary and history programs focused on the younger generation of listeners.
Radio «Shalkar» is broadcasting in Kazakh from Kazakhstan, Astana.
Listened: 55 450 since 02.05.2013 | ~ 305 a week.

Maral Radiosu
pop, ethno/folklore

World and Kyrgyzstan news, Kyrgyz pop and folk music.
«Maral Radiosu» is broadcasting in Kyrgyz from Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek.
Listened: 33 679 since 08.09.2014 | ~ 303 a week.

Lezgi radio

Lezgin radio. Lezgin folk songs and music.
«Lezgi radio» is broadcasting in Lezgin from Russia, Krasnodar.
Listened: 84 790 since 10.04.2011 | ~ 293 a week. Radio

Azerbaijani internet radio. Listen live the national Azerbaijani and Turkish music.
« Radio» is broadcasting in Azerbaijani from Azerbaijan, Baku.
Listened: 69 343 since 28.02.2012 | ~ 285 a week.

Retro Folk Radio

The best Bulgarian retro folk music hits.
«Retro Folk Radio» is broadcasting in Bulgarian from Bulgaria, Sofia.
Listened: 51 since 26.10.2016 | ~ 254 a week.

WaveGlobe Radio
classical, ethno/folklore

A musical journey around the world through music instruments, musicians, cultures and follow the routes that music has taken for thousands of years.
«WaveGlobe Radio» is broadcasting in English from UK, Southampton.
Listened: 46 since 26.10.2016 | ~ 251 a week.

Radio05.Ru – Dagestan Radio

Dagestani songs around the clock.
«Radio05.Ru – Dagestan Radio» is broadcasting in Avar and Russian from Russia, Makhachkala.
Listened: 40 since 26.10.2016 | ~ 213 a week.

Mari El Radio

The national radio of the Republic of Mari El.
«Mari El Radio» is broadcasting in Mari from Russia, Yoshkar-Ola.
Listened: 49 047 since 03.02.2012 | ~ 199 a week.

country, ethno/folklore

Here on the Country radio, you′ll get past all that and explore deep into the world of country music. Chart order is not top priority, but rather the deep mixture of artists and music. You will still find the hits, but with a wide variety of the best country artists that do not receive much radio time due to traditional radio thinking.
Radio «Country» is broadcasting in English from USA, Denver.
Listened: 51 616 since 10.04.2011 | ~ 179 a week.

Ethno World Radio NM

The authentic folk music, folk remixes in different genres, the new folklore. News, interviews, reports.
«Ethno World Radio NM» is broadcasting in Russian from Russia, Moscow.
Listened: 25 012 since 06.12.2012 | ~ 124 a week.

talk/news, ethno/folklore

Infotainment Tatar-speaking radio station.
Radio «Kunel» is broadcasting in Tatar from Russia, Naberezhnye Chelny.
Listened: 15 786 since 14.05.2014 | ~ 124 a week.


Ethnic music – from Asian meditative music to Afro-Cuban rhythms of rumba, samba and reggae.
Radio «Mantra» is broadcasting in English from Ukraine, Kiev.
Listened: 30 155 since 20.01.2012 | ~ 122 a week.

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  Crimean Tatar
  Haitian Creole
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