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Reiska Radio 808

Station plays mainly World, Pop and Hip-Hop in many languages.
«Reiska Radio 808» is broadcasting in English from Singapore, Singapore.
Listened: 98 since 16.01.2017 | ~ 103 a week.

Relax FM

Music for a relaxing mood, for those who not in a hurry.
Radio «Relax FM» is broadcasting in Russian from Russia, Moscow.
Listened: 30 458 since 07.10.2013 | ~ 178 a week.


This station includes a huge number of styles: from the archaic folk-blues, ragtime, New Orleans jazz and Dixieland, going through swing, mainstream, bebop and modern jazz styles – soul, blues, fusion, jazz-rock, funky smooth, lounge and acid to an absolutely free forms of free jazz and electronic music.
Radio «Renaissance» is broadcasting in Ukrainian from Ukraine, Kiev.
Listened: 21 858 since 10.04.2011 | ~ 73 a week.

Renegade Radio Nashville

A combination of Hot Contemporary and Southern Country. The latest artists and the hottest Country music.
«Renegade Radio Nashville» is broadcasting in English from USA, Nashville.
Listened: 22 607 since 29.12.2011 | ~ 86 a week.


Station plays a variety of music, regardless of genre, language, epoch and popularity.
Radio «ReseauNances» is broadcasting in French from France, Andilly.
Listened: 3 853 since 16.09.2014 | ~ 32 a week.

IDM/EBM, multi-genre

Eclectic music, mix and match from Indie, Electronica, Deep House and DJ mix set.
«Restradio» is broadcasting in English from Greece, Athens.
Listened: 1 024 since 10.11.2016 | ~ 97 a week.

pop, retro

Hits of the last years and the present: Post-punk, New Wave, Synthpop, Disco, etc.
Radio «Retetop95» is broadcasting in Italian from Italy, Rome.
Listened: 6 991 since 09.07.2014 | ~ 53 a week.


Retro song of the first half of the 20th century.
Radio «Retro» is broadcasting in Russian from Canada, Toronto.
Listened: 23 334 since 23.12.2012 | ~ 110 a week.

Retro Folk Radio

The best Bulgarian retro folk music hits.
«Retro Folk Radio» is broadcasting in Bulgarian from Bulgaria, Sofia.
Listened: 1 280 since 26.10.2016 | ~ 101 a week.

Retro Rock & Pop
pop, retro, rock

Rock and popular music of Latin performers from the 60s to the present.
Radio «Retro Rock & Pop» is broadcasting in Spanish from Peru, Lima.
Listened: 545 since 18.11.2016 | ~ 58 a week.

Return to the Word

Advancing the Message of God′s Amazing Grace.
Radio «Return to the Word» is broadcasting in English from USA, Wasilla.
Listened: 578 since 15.11.2016 | ~ 58 a week.

Revolution Radio

Station plays electronic and club music.
«Revolution Radio» is broadcasting in Russian from Russia, St. Petersburg.
Listened: 4 206 since 23.10.2014 | ~ 36 a week.

Rhytm City FM

Station plays Soca, Dancehall, Reggae.
Radio «Rhytm City FM» is broadcasting in English from USA, Jersey City.
Listened: 1 055 since 07.09.2016 | ~ 54 a week.

Right Rap Radio

Correct rap with a proven correct meaning.
«Right Rap Radio» is broadcasting in Russian from Ukraine, Kiev.
Listened: 22 541 since 08.12.2013 | ~ 139 a week.


Georgian music, newscasts, entertainment and educational programs.
Radio «Rioni» is broadcasting in Georgian from Georgia, Kutaisi.
Listened: 6 089 since 17.04.2014 | ~ 43 a week.

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