Online Radio in Pashto - 3 stations. Internet radio that is broadcascting in Pashto.


Online Radio in Pashto
3 stations

Arakozia FM

Station offers a variety of local and international news and current affairs programs including daily programming that focuses on subnational governance, citizen advocacy, farming, security, small business, community health and wellbeing as well as the celebration of local cultures and traditions. «Arakozia FM» is currently available in major Pashto-speaking communities.
Radio «Arakozia FM» is broadcasting in Pashto from Afghanistan, Kabul.
Listened: 7 983 since 20.10.2014 | ~ 65 a week.

Ariana FM
multi-genre, ethno/folklore

The most popular musical infotainment radio channel in Afghanistan and the only radio channel providing coverage of all provinces of Afghanistan. Station broadcasts in Dari, Pashtu, Uzbek and other languages of Afganistan.
Radio «Ariana FM» is broadcasting in Dari and Pashto from Afghanistan, Kabul.
Listened: 6 064 since 06.10.2014 | ~ 49 a week.

Afghan Voice

«Afghan Voice» is a community Internet radio station, connecting the Afghan Diaspora with each other, with the wider community around them and with Afghans in Afghanistan. Station is run by volunteers and broadcasts live radio shows every week: from talk shows by and for women, insight shows, discussions, special guests, to live performances and entertainment.
Radio «Afghan Voice» is broadcasting in English, Dari and Pashto from UK, London.
Listened: 5 607 since 21.10.2014 | ~ 46 a week.

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  Crimean Tatar
  Haitian Creole

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